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Elim history


Sometime in 2011, I heard the PageMaster Publication advertising on Shine FM and felt the Lord say, “Go see Dale.” Embarrassed but willing to be obedient to God’s leading, I took my box full of papers, with not the faintest idea how to begin assembling them into a book, to Dale while I was spending time with my grandsons, Dylan, and Joey, I used the excuse to see what a printing shop looked like on the inside to meet Dale. Not entirely convinced I was doing the right thing, I showed Dale my scribbles.


My life has never been the same. Twelve years of Bible School, Seminary, and Postgraduate work brought me to the place I dreamed of as a child: Doctoral studies. 


My courses, books, art, and songs embody a painful but adventurous journey toward inner healing, 


This is the right place to be if you are looking for transformation. 

Expressive Art Practioner /Facilitator/Coach


Att is the vehicle of His presence, a means of his grace, an intersection point, like a table set for dinner where God meets with them in an unexpected[ly] beautiful way. Matt Tommy, January 2021, Masterclass.


Martina has a Certificate of Christian Ministry, a Certificate of Christian Counseling, a Certificate of Worship, a Master of Theology Studies and a Post Graduate Certificate of Spiritually Informed Creative Arts. Since graduating as an addictions worker in 2004, Martina has worked as a sexual abuse recovery group facilitator, a recovery coach (emphasis on Codependency,) a Chaplain, and a group facilitator for sexually exploited men and women. 

In Doctoral Studies with Christian Leadership University. 

Recovery programs


Bible-based, Spirit-filled, experiential course materials that promote inner healing.

Must be, at minimum, two years sober. 


2.5 hours a week online or in-person, depending on logistics

the first hour, responding to teaching material


second hour expressing creatively in various genres. 


One-on-one sessions are available. 

You are recommended to have a prayer team, a trained pastoral counsellor, or a therapist to see you through any difficulties you may experience.

Memberships: 2022


Inscribe Fellowship 


Ontario Expressive Art Therapy Association


International Expressive Art Therapy Association


Sunrise Pentecostal Camp



September 2023

16-week Course Evil Lurking: From Electric Chair to Kingdom Grace


September 9, 2023

12-week course

Adventures in Emotive Expressions


September 2023 Online Recovery Group


January 2024 16-week online course.

The Dwelling Place: My Journey Toward Spiritual Wholeness.