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Martina did a fantastic job facilitating the group through the chapters of Evil Lurking: From Electric Chair to Kingdom Grace. I was not sure of what to expect when I signed up but was pleasantly surprised with both the process and the outcome of the course. I was able to get in touch with my feelings deeper once I felt comfortable and trust was established. I could articulate my feelings through various mediums with Martina's guidance. I surprised myself with my writings, poems, and artwork. 

Thank you, Martina, for this beautiful journey. 

Kathy Norton. 


The Evil Lurking course is a great way to get you out of your comfort zone. Based on the book Evil Lurking: From Electric Chair to Kingdom Grace, this course is a partially true story and part fiction that deals with the hypothetical ethical sins and ungodly behaviour of people who work in the church. These sins and ungodly behaviour go undetected, unconfessed and hidden for years. The story of evil lurking takes you on a roller coaster of emotions that set the stage for dialogue, discussion and honest reflection on these issues in real life in and outside of the church. The student can learn a lot about themselves through the progression process that the course takes you on. You can be as open as you want or keep your opinion to yourself, but if you open up, you will find that your fellow students will soon follow suit and together, you can learn more than you expected.

Parry Stelter, Doctoral Candidate, Providence University and Seminary
*Originally from Alexander First Nation-Treaty Six Territory

Word of Hope Ministries Website

On February 28, 2022, I will hold a Pilot Project Group for my 12-week online course, Emotive Expressive Adventures, to start on April 4, 2022. Participants are searching for inner healing. They wish to know about how an ever-present God is interested in a relationship with them. They are curious about hearing God's voice, seeing what He wants them to see, and trusting the process of creating something unique. I am looking for three more participants for this group—no fees nor prerequisites.
Group participation is via zoom.
Do you wonder what my credentials are? I am currently in the doctorate program D-Min with a creative focus; I graduated with a Graduate Certificate in Spiritually Informed Creative Arts (St. Stephen's Edmonton and I completed CONTEMPLATIVE, ARTS-BASED ECO-THERAPY with World Art Organization.
ONLINE TRAINING INTENSIVES with World Arts Organization, Edmonton. I have been a participant in expressive art practitioner training since 2019.
Please send an email to indicating your interest, and I will give further details.

Evil Lurking: From Electric Chair to Kingdom Grace interviews and character introductions



Please email ElimOasisOf for the start date and cost for course participation. 

September 2022

In this year-long recovery program, we follow THE TWELVE STEPS: A SPIRITUAL JOURNEY: A WORKING GUIDE FOR HEALING. After completing part 1, we continue by studying THE MISSING WAY: APPLYING SPIRITUAL DISCIPLINES IN BREAKING ADDICTIONS. 

Please email ElimOasisOf for the start date and cost. 

Expressive Art Adventures. Play Time- Group and individual



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One-on-one sessions are available outside of coursework. Please note, as a coach, I assign homework that a participant must complete.  


Please email ElimOasisOf for appointments and fees. 

courses Offered

Christian Ethics, looking at grace where childhood sexual abuse impacts a community. Looking at evil, and healing from it. 

Recovery from addictions. After engaging with a 30-week Christ-Centered Recovery Group, the journey continues with a 20-week group-study of Spiritual Disciplines

Expressive Eco-friendly Creative Workshops in a Spiritual online classroom environment. No artistic skills are required. 

One-on-one online sessions: You will be invited to express yourself with words, spoken or written, and creatively, no artistic skill required, in a Spiritually informed environment.