I love how many ways the Lord communicates to you through the arts. Not just in drawing or painting but also in music and lyrics and poetry. This is a very cool gifting to walk in and release to others. Professor Dr. Patty Sadallah CLU

Martina, you are the most creative Christian I have ever met. The Spirit motivates the way you express Him in all forms of art (painting, drawing, music and singing, and writing). How you treasure the work of your hands work without out picking things apart and being your own worst critic. (Which is what most of us do) I see you fearless. Pam White. Mentor (Spirit Life Circle) reader of nearly 400 pages of course assignments. 

The session today was awesome. Your presentation was calming and informative. Answering questions and concerns helped. Your guidance throughout each section was assuring as well. Because of what I have been going through since Friday, I found every portion fit in exactly with what God was showing me. Definitely, God-appointed. Emily Poppel, Orientation Day. 

Emily has read my authored 1000's pages: My assignments and books. This creative art is a new experience for her.  

Martina, I absolutely love the ending. “I am going to let God be God.” This seems (at least to me – a non-believer) to be a remarkably profound realization for a person of faith. God is all-loving and all-forgiving. When Christians set their expectations for themselves to mirror God, they have set themselves up for failure. DH, book writers Group Member

When I watched the interview with that older gentleman last year, I was so impressed by your poise and the gracious way you directed him to tell his story. And in this past year's trials, how you have grown in grace, like a mighty willow tree, swaying gracefully in the wind of great hardship. I can only imagine your storms, and I know I haven't heard half of your stories, but I see the strength it has produced. I salute you and am inspired. MW, re Evil Lurking videos. 

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